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New Music Obsession: H!P PART 1

WARNING: The following is Picture Heavy
Mina-san, konichiwa! Yuki dayo~!<3 Hi everyone, its Yuki!!<3 Today I will be blogging about *drum roll please* my recent obsession with Hello Project!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 
For those of you who don't know what Hello Project (H!P), H!P is a project(?) that contains of 5 bands:
Morning Musume
Berryz Koubou
Each of these bands consist of not just singers, but idols! Idols are celebrities who sing, dance, model, act, and all of that good stuff!
For more info:
There will be four posts about H!P, this one, and three more.
Part 1: Morning Musume
Part 2: C-ute
Part 3: Buono
Part 4: Berryz Koubou and S/mileage
First band I will start out with is Morning Musume~ Now I would say that Morning Musume is deffeinetly the most popular band out of all 5 bands. But I guess I would also say that C-ute is a close second? Morning Musume has the most members, and proabably the most songs. Now sorry I can't tell you much about Morning Musume, though I've always liked Morning Musume I've never been THAT interested in them. Until like a week ago when I became OBSSESSED with them. ^^
My current favorite member is Reina Tanaka <3
(Who is the girl in the first picture of this post)

   I think that Reina kind of looks like Mizukitty here...
                           Don't know why......


Sadly though, Reina will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello Project in the Spring of 2013 Dx
So after that, my favorite member from Morning Musume will be Sayumi Michishige~


Picture of Sayu with a C-ute CD   (◕‿◕✿)

And some pictures of both of them together~!<3


At 7 Eleven LOL

 Lots of pics of both~ Sorry, I get kind of carried away when uploading these bceause
they are just so pretty!
But moving on, lets take a look at some of Morning Musume's songs~
I will mostly share the songs that I personally like, and hope you guys like them too ^^
I will share 6 of there many songs, in no particular order~
So first we have is their newest "Wakuteka Take a chance"
Next is "One Two Three"
And along with this here are the members:
Red - Riho Sayashi (9 th generation)
      Purple - Erina Ikuta (9th) - now her color is yellow green
      Hot pink - Mizuki Fukumura (9th)
      Green - Suzuki Kanon (9th)
      Orange - Haruka Kudo (10th)
      Royal blue - Ayumi Ishida (10th)
      Mint - Masaki Sato (10th)
      Chocolate - Haruna Iikubo (10th) - now her color is honey
      Sky blue - Reina Tanaka (6th) - she will graduate :((
      Light pink - Sayumi Mishichige (6th)
Each member has an official color that is given to them, which is represented in this (and many other) video.  There is also the 11th generation new member Oda Sakura, but we don't know what her color is yet.
Now in this video don't pay attention to what I said about the colors. When this came out, some of the members were different, therefore some of the colors are different from when they are now. For example, back then Reina's color was white, not light blue. But then again Sayumi's color in this is light pink, and it still is.
But anyway... this is called "Maji desu ka ska"
Now for "Renai Hunter"
I'm addicted to this song sooooo much! I mean I love all the songs I'm showing you, but this one I'm always playing on my ipod~! In this video there is another member, Risa Niigaki, or Gaki. I LOOOVE her too! If she were still in Morning Musume, her, Reina, and Sayu (Sayumi), would be my favorite members, But she is deffinetly my favorite graduated member. ^^ This song was the last song that Gaki did, so they focus on her kind of alot. She's the one in the yellow<3
Also at the end, Gaki mouths "Morning Musume daisuki" which means "I love Morning Musume"
And sorry for the cussing in this photo, but it's hilarious!
I just had to show it >.<
2 more songs!
Only You~!<3
This song also has Gaki in it, plus former leader (until she graduates) Takahashi Ai ^^
And last but not least....
Nanchatte Rider!
(Dance shot)
So what do you think of of morning musume? Have you known about Hello Project before this post? If so who is your favorite H!P member? Or favorite Morning Musume member? If you have any questions about which member is which in any video, please let me know in the comments below~!
Thank you so much for reading! Please look forward to Part 2, and feel welcome to follow (^^)
Until next time, Warette Iko~!<3 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
1 last thing on the topic of music :) There's this new song called "Scream and Shout" by and Britney Spears that I wanted to share~! (Sorry if youdon't like this type of music)
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And since this post didn't have anything to do with gyaru, here's a gyaru photo~!<3