This page is currently not in use anymore. This non-usage will most likely be temporary. Busy-ness(?) in my life has caused me to not be able to update this. So so sorry :( But previous posts(3) will still be available to look at. But my tumblr which will have updated pictures is Thank you<3 

Welcome to spotlight~!<3 Everyday (for the most part) you can see 1-6 pics of popular hime models from magazines like Popteen, Popsister, Egg, and more~!<3
Enjoy ^^


Mizuki Nishikawa (Mizukitty)


Ahhhh I skipped a day! (*>.<*) so so sorry :(

Kumicko Funayama (Kumicky)

Misaki Aono~!<3 (Misa Misa)

I am getting the glasses in the mail!! (Just in a different color) ^^

(one on the right)

(one on left)

(one on left)

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