Saturday, June 30, 2012

Konichiwa Darlings~!<3 Today instead of doing the weekly kpop(korean pop)/jpop(japanese pop) song, I am going to do a little review on the Japanese cartist Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, and share a kpop song!
*Warning the following will be pic heavy*
Here we go~

This is Kyari Pamyu Pamyu


She has her own brand of eyelashes! (>O<)


And also just a warning, her videos are EXTREMELY weird~! But SUPER awesome!

Natural Beauty<3

Serious -.-

 Kawaii!!! (>.<)

Okay now for her music~ :D
(like I said be warned the videos are....different)

This song is called Ponponpon~!<3 I absolutely love it! I listen to it when I'm happy so that I have a cute and fun song to sing and dance to. XD

This song is called Tsukematsukeru~!<3 I usually listen to this song whenever I am bored. :) The dancing lions make me laugh all the time! Once my Bff Sayu and I tried to dance like the lions! We failed misserably, but it was fun :D

This song is called Miracle Orange! It's kind of different from the ones above, but I really like it! I listen to this song either when  I want to relax, or if I'm feeling sad. This is my back up song that will cheer me up on a rainy day!<3

Okay this is my FAVORITE by Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, and one of my FAVE JPOP songs of all time~!<3 It's called CANDY CANDY ;) When I first heard this song it made me the happiest person!

This video is Kyary's protest of the people in big media who prioritize business over art and are willing to produce fake, shallow content for a quick buck while brushing off the real talent. Kyary represents candy, or the sweet food that everyone likes to have, and the onion, a food that can be bitter and makes people cry, represents the greedy moneygrubbers of the music industry. Kyary's fight with the onion represents the struggle between the two groups.

                                            - TheOtherJunodog(a youtuber)

OK now for the Kpop song~!! Yay :D
So this is F(x)'s latest song! It's called Electric Shock :)

And some pics of all of them together....


This here is Krystal~!<3
(She is sisters with Jessica from Girl's Generation)
This is Amber~!<3 (and yes she is a girl)

 This is Suli~!<3

Here we have Victoria~!<3

And last but not least we have... Luna~!<3

 And that's all of the F(x) members~!<3

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(some pics of popteen models)


Pikarin looks just like Kyari Pamyu Pamyu in this pic!
(perfect for today's post)



Yukinoko~!<3 (left)