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Konichiwa minna-san! How is everyone? :) Sorry it's been a bit long since my last blogpost. :( Last few days of school, very chaotic! DX So anyway (><), one of my favorite hime-gyaru magazines is Popteen~! And if you have gone to the Tsubasa Masuwaka page (which if you haven't I recomend going there ) you'll notice the similarities between Popsister and Popteen. Popsister is a more mature look than Popteen, it's like the "big sister" magazine of popteen~ So anyway the models of popteen are...

Funayama Kumiko (Kumicky, 舟山久美子)
This is Kumiko Funayama, but her fans call her Kumicky~! You may also notice that Kumicky is on the cover on the picture above, and she is the girl in the backround of my blog. (>.<) From my own opinion, I would say Kumicky is the most known popteen model, and definetly one of my favorite gyarus of all~!

Shiina Hikari (Pikari, 椎名ひかり)

                    Here we have Hikari Shiina, but her nickname is Pikarin! Pikarin is one of the youngest models at popteen, she is only a teenager! Super cute, super fun, and super pretty~ For all of the Otakus out there, Hikari loves cosplay and Hatsune Miku!<3  

The further models that you will see I'm only going to put a picture of them, and just one fact if even that after~ (>.<) So so sorry about that, but I don't know much about the rest! Gomen ne :(

Nishikawa Mizuki (Mizukitty, 西川瑞希)  
Tada! This here is Nishikawa Mikuki! But her nickname is Mizukitty~! Can you guess why? A. She loves kitties :) and B. She especially loves Hello Kitty~<3 (I really do too!) Just like all of the Popteen models, Mizukitty is super nice.

Izuoka Misaki (Izu, 出岡美咲)
This is Izuoka Misaki, and her nickname is Izu~! Izu stands out a lot with her black hair, it's part of what makes her unique! I've heard from many that her blog is really good, so I recomend checking it out (and all of the other models, especially Pikarin's! Don't worry, there is an english version).

Hirose Mai (Maimai, 廣瀬麻伊)
Here is the lovely Hirose Mai~! Or as her fans say, Maimai! Doesn't this picture just scream natural beauty? Maimai and Kumicky are very close. You could probably find lots of pics of them on the webernet(web/internet)! ;)

Matsuoka Rie (Okarie,松岡里枝)
Kore wa Mastuoka Rie desu! (This is Mastuoka Rie!) And her nickname is Okarie :) She has really cute style and really cute hair! For some example pics go to :D

Sano Yukiko (Yukinoko, 佐野友妃子)

Mite kudasai! (look!) It's Sano Yukiko, or as fans would say....Yukikono! Don't you love this picture of her? I personally love the cute and fun vibe it gives off~<3 :)

Matsumoto Ai (Maapipi, 松本愛)
Here we have Matsumoto Ai, or Maapipi :)

Maeda Nozomi (Maenon, 前田希美)
This is the wonderful, sweet Maeon! Or...well at least that's her nickname :) Her reall name is Maeda Nozomi~

Kawanishi Miki (Mikipon, 河西美希)
This is Kawanishi Miki~! Or.... Mikipon! Kawaii desu yo nee? (cute isn't it?) I love her picture so much because they just look sweet! For lots of sweet picture go to ;)

Matsumoto Natsuko (Otsuko, 松本なつ子)
Hmmm.....I wonder who this is....Oh yeah! Thats right! It's Otsuko!! Tecnically it's Matsumoto Natsuko, but her nickname is Otsuko (>.<)

And last.....but not least.....

 Murata Mai (Marimo, 村田莉)
It's Maruta Mai~! *the gal on the left* ;) Her nickname is Mari~ Both of the popteen Mai's are pretty close! lol isn't that ironic?

So yep~!<3 That's all for now gyaru-tans!

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