Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Konichiwa wonderful hime readers of my blog~!<3 How is everyone?? I hope you all are happy and enjoying life! Today I want to talk about a couple of things~ First off I found a super kawaii, super pretty, super awesome hime gyaru model! Now I am totally obssesed with her (>.<) <3 So her name is Misaki Aono~!<3 Here are some (kind of a lot) pictures~~

This is her! Isn't she so kawaii?
Purikura with Shiori Sega :)
(also if you want to read about purikura, go to my friend Sayu's blog :) but waring, it's in Spanish)

Light hair<3

Dark hair<3

Pig tails~!
I love nerds :D

Mite kudasai! Mite kudasai! (look!look!)
I found this pic of Misaki with Tsubasa!

Beautiful eye! ;)

Pretty xD

Today's coordinate~

Short hair ;)

Long hair ;)
(did I mention she models for Nicky?)

Omg!! So kawaii!!!

Close up! Nice maku-up deshou (deshou=right?)

So that's Misa Misa (Misaki)~! Please comment what you think of her :) But please if you don't like her, don't say anything too rude. ;D

Secondly, recently I have been goinging through this obsession with Hello Kitty! And the other characters of of Sanrio, but mostly Hello Kitty~<3 I even bought a full page (and like 3 more) of Hello Kitty apps!

Looks Like I'm not the only one who loves Hello Kitty
 and the rest of the Sanrio characters~!

Himena Ousaki with her My Melody purse and phone~!<3

 Mizukitty wearing a Hello Kitty hoodie, and Mizukitty with Hello Kitty! :D
(I think she is called Mizukitty for her love of Hello Kitty)

Also we have Kumicky with Hello Kitty! (>.<)
 Hello Kitty was featured on the cover (and inside) of Popteen Magazine! :O
(If you want to know more abotu Popteen, you can go to here


Now for some crazy Hello Kitty things that I found~!

First off, we have a Hello Kitty hotel!!!<3 :O

It's so pink! So kawaii! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

They even have Hello Kitty toilets! I've seen how Japanese toilets have those little doo-dads on the looks confusing to use the bathroom in Japan D:

To fly into Japan to go to this hotel you can go to....

 This Hello Kitty airport! (which is in Taiwan)

And take a flight on.....
This super cute Hello Kitty airplane!
Chotto mate kudasai! (wait!) how do I get to the airport though?
Well you can get there on....

A Hello Kitty bus!
This wonderfuly kawaii Hello Kitty car!
And now you may be wondering....
How will I ever pay for this?
How about with a Hello Kitty visa! :D

I sware they have Hello Kitty everything! Haha(^∇^)

Okay just one more crazy thing I have to show you!

A Hello Kitty maternity hospital in Taiwan! Look at the cute babies! (>.<)

Yes all of the images above of the crazy things are indeed real~!

Isn't this just so funny? :D

Alright, that's it for now :) Please please please comment on what you think of my posts so far~! Are they too short? Too long? Too many pictures not enough words? Vise versa? Or are they just fine? :) Also what do you think of Hello Kitty?? Do you have any crazy Hello Kitty things? Or a whole lot of some Hello Kitty things like this ?
Thank you so much for reading my blog~!<3
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Please please please follow :D
Arigatou gozaimasu



  1. Misaki is really kawaii <3 I love her face.
    japanese girls are the cutest one *-*

    1. Yes she is! Me too! And I know right? I wish I was Japanese :)

  2. Nice blog :D /lolikojo