Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm Back! Yay! Obsession! Weight Lost! :D

Minna-san konichiwa!! I am so happy to be back ;D Now I can start blogging more again~ So so so sorry for the delay of posts. :( But now that I'm back that will all change!
So recently I have been OBSESSED with Popteen magazine! I mean I've always loved Popteen~! Ever since I got into the gyaru Fashion<3 But now, everything I've been doing lately has to do with Popteen. I just can't get enough of the kawaii-ness (>.<) And also if you don't know much about the popteen models, just go to this part of my blog. ;) (the popteen section)

Okay~! Diet time!  XD
So by bff (Sayu) and I are having a weight loss competition! Who can loose the most weigth in a week? If she wins I have to give her my Popsister magazine....
and if I win, she has to give me her Popteen Magazine!

So this is my plan! (this is what Pikarin did)
Food wise I will eat 3 meals a day (with no snacks in between), 400 calories each. That way all the meals add up to 1200 calories a day~! Before every meal I drink water, and if I get hungry between meals, I just drink more water. :D Every meal contains healthy and nutrisous food (but can contain a bit of unhealthy food everyonce in a while).

And now for exercising! Everyday I work out for 30 minutes, plus some walking ;)
So here is my short workout routine~!<3

*50 in and outs on each leg (Lay flat on the floor with your hands near your bottom, lift your legs about a foot off the ground, bend to your chest, then put back down. *repeat*)
*50 cruches
*100 butt lifts (lay on the floor with your feet flat on the ground, and lift your butt to the ceiling, and then put it back down. *repeat*)
*50 arabesque kicks on each leg (kick back. *repeat*)
*50 push-ups
*50 squatas
*30 criss-cross leg lifts on each leg (sit with your legs straight in front of you (one is on top of the other), then lift the one on top as high as you can. *switch and repeat*)
*100 jumping jacks

Right now I weigh 92 pounds, and I hope to way 80 ;)
*Wish me luck*

And yup~! ;D for all that Pikarin did, an interview, and some scans from the magazine click here!

Well that's all for today~! (oh and from now on I will post some pics of Poptene models at the end of each post) Please feel free to email me for questions, suggestions, if you want to talk, need advise about weight loss, or anything else!
Love my readers~!<3


Yukinoko~!<3 *the one on the right*









  1. Hey hey! Nice to hear that you lost weight! ^^ Good job girl! Get that Popteen! XD
    How tall are you?
    My faovrite models from Popteen are Okarie and Kumicky.
    Take care! Lavulin

  2. Thank you so much~!<3
    And I think I'm 5'3 :)
    Awesome! It's so hard for me to pick (>.<) They are all so sweet and pretty :D If I had to pick mine would be Pikarin, Kumicky, Mizukitty, and Okarie~
    Thank you~ You too!<3

  3. I have always wanted to understand when ive seen in some japanese mags that they have lost like 22 kg !!! in like 2-4 months. How they do it? Do you understand japanese. i would like to know really !