Sunday, June 3, 2012

Konichiwa gyarus! O-genki desu ka? (how are you?) Before I start, I'm sorry about how all of the pictures come first instead of being mixed in. :( It's something weird that my phone does, and I can't fix it. Today I'm going to blog about the wonderful day I had! I always see bloggers blog about there days, and I was never planning on doing that because I live kind of a boring life. But I actually did some exciting stuff! 
I see people take pictures of there food, so I thought I might try that :) I started off the morning with a delicious carmel frapaccino (I'm no sure if I spelled that right)     It was very delicious! After that I went to Hastings and right away I went to the manga section! I'll show you about a 2/3 of the manga they had. We went to a Chinese resturaunt and it was soooooo good! I wish I could eat Chinese food and Japanese food everyday! It just looked so delicious that I dove right in and forgot to take a picture. Hehe sorry (>.<) But I had a  creampuff for dessert! It was my first rime trying one, and I loved it! Creampuffs are my new favorite dessert! It was bit sloppy, so the picture may not look TOO appetizing. I went to Payless after and found these cute Hello Kitty clips, cupcake bags, Hello Kitty bow headbands, and more cute things!
Later on we went for frozen yogurt ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ You can't really tell from the pictures because I put so many toppings *haha*, but it was half green tea, and half red velvet cake~! Oishi deshita :D (it was yummy). 
My phone has a limit of pictures, so I can't tell you about the rest of my day :'( But either tomarrow, or the day after tomarrow, I will tell you more! (there is more hime gyaru in the next post, rather than food) If you have any questions abou hime gyaru please feel free to email me at Or you can also email me if you would like to see a post about something, or if you just want to talk about Japan, Hines gyaru, or whatever :D Follow onnegaishimasu (follow please)! Sorry I cannot tell you about the rest of my day until another post~ please forgive me! Peace~!<3

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