Konichiwa~!!<3 As you may have noticed.....This page was previously one of my posts! :) Well I didn't want people who haven't seen it to never see it because I want my followers to know about Popteen and it's models. :D So I made it into a seperate page~ ;)
For everyone that doesn't know what Popteen is....
Popteen is a Japanese magazine that was first published October 1, 1980 :) This magazine represents the style Hime Gyaru! (>.<) And it's well known for being a doku-moderu magazine, which means readers of it can audition to be models! The models of Popteen run Popteen which is also something kakkoi (cool) about it!

Moving on....here are the models~!<3 :D

Funayama Kumiko (Kumicky, 舟山久美子)

This is Kumiko Funayama, but her fans call her Kumicky~! You may also notice that Kumicky is on the cover on the picture above. She is super sweet; it's imposible to hate her! And one of her biggest goals is to learn english fluently~ She already know alot! *so amazing* (>.<) From my own opinion, I would say Kumicky is the most known popteen model, and definetly one of my favorite gyarus of all~!

Shiina Hikari (Pikari, 椎名ひかり)

Here we have Hikari Shiina, but her nickname is Pikarin! Pikarin is one of the youngest models at popteen, she is only a teenager! Super cute, super fun, and super pretty~ For all of the Otakus out there, Hikari loves cosplay and Hatsune Miku!<3

The further models that you will see I'm only going to put a picture of them, and just one fact if even that after~ (>.<) So so sorry about that, but I don't know much about the rest! Gomen ne :(

Nishikawa Mizuki (Mizukitty, 西川瑞希)  
Tada! This here is Nishikawa Mikuki! But her nickname is Mizukitty~! Can you guess why? A. She loves kitties :) and B. She especially loves Hello Kitty~<3 (I really do too!) Just like all of the Popteen models, Mizukitty is super nice. She also has SUPER fun and bubly personality~<3 (it's very kawaii)

Izuoka Misaki (Izu, 出岡美咲)
This is Izuoka Misaki, and her nickname is Izu~! Izu stands out a lot with her black hair, it's part of what makes her unique! I've heard from many that her blog is really good, so I recomend checking it out (and all of the other models, especially Pikarin's! Don't worry, there is an english version).

Hirose Mai (Maimai, 廣瀬麻伊)

Here is the lovely Hirose Mai~! Or as her fans say, Maimai! Doesn't this picture on the left just scream natural beauty? I find her looks so unique and intresing~ Maimai is like bff's with every Popteen model! She's the type of person who gets along with everyone ;D

Matsuoka Rie (Okarie,松岡里枝)

Kore wa Mastuoka Rie desu! (This is Mastuoka Rie!) And her nickname is Okarie :) She has really cute style and really cute hair! One of the most beatufil models I've seen! For some example pics go to http://rikku.se/2011/12/okarie-matsuoka-rie-%E6%9D%BE%E5%B2%A1%E9%87%8C%E6%9E%9D/ :D

Sano Yukiko (Yukinoko, 佐野友妃子)

Mite kudasai! (look!) It's Sano Yukiko, or as fans would say....Yukikono! One thing that I really like about her that makes her stand out, is her side swept bangs~!<3 (on bottom pic, she is the gal on the left). She is really great friends with Mizukitty and Otsuko :)
Matsumoto Ai (Maapipi, 松本愛)
Here we have Matsumoto Ai, or Maapipi :)

Maeda Nozomi (Maenon, 前田希美)

This is the wonderful, sweet Maeon! Or...well at least that's her nickname :) Her reall name is Maeda Nozomi~ She always just looks so sweet and peaceful<3 Maeon gets scared easily, and when she does, it's so funny! :D

Kawanishi Miki (Mikipon, 河西美希)
This is Kawanishi Miki~! Or.... Mikipon! Kawaii desu yo nee? (cute isn't it?) I love her picture so much because they just look sweet! For lots of sweet picture go to http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/mikipon ;)

Matsumoto Natsuko (Otsuko, 松本なつ子)
Hmmm.....I wonder who this is....Oh yeah! Thats right! It's Otsuko!! Tecnically it's Matsumoto Natsuko, but her nickname is Otsuko (>.<)
And last.....but not least.....

Murata Mai (Marimo, 村田莉)

It's Maruta Mai~! XD Her nickname is Mari~ Both of the popteen Mai's are pretty close! lol isn't that ironic? But even more so her and Kumicky are like sisters! They even have a cute nickname, Kumimari!

One thing that made me happy was this issue of Popteen where they had Tsu-chan on it!
sugoi desu yo ne? (>.<)
!!!!!! :D
(amazing isn't it?)
and super kawaii~!<3

Okay and to close this little Popteen model review, I want to show you pics of Kumimari ;D

Cute video of them doing a photo shoot together (>.<)


  1. Thank you for the informations! It's nice o read about them. :)

    1. No problem! (Sorry for so many typos)

  2. Also Okarie it's the owner of Ank Rouge. Isn't it amazing? All her clothes that appear in Popteen are from her brand. :D

    1. Oh my god really?!?! I thought she just loved the brand so she wore it alot! Thanks for letting me know~! (I'll add that :) )

    2. That's why I really love Okarie. She is a hard worker girl that isn't just a model. :) I think her brand is super cute. I hope someday that I will have some Ank Rouge clothes. ^^

  3. How can you sign up for PopTeen if you don't speak fluent Japanese?