Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Popteen surprise! New Models and new hair?!

Mina-san konichiwa~!<3 Yupon desu ^^ I am finished with my depression! Yay!!!! haha
It hit its breaking point today! For a little bit, I didn't want to be hime gyaru anymore! (*>O<*) And I almost wanted to learn Korean and move to Korea instead of Japan! :O But I started looking at Popteen magazine scans, and I snapped out of it! :D Then I was happy and decided to blog~ Which I will be doing more and more often now ^^ So after flipping through scans I saw that there are new models! Sugoi ne? >o< I decided why not share them with my wonderful readers? I also thought "Hey these look like Egg models" And guess what? THEY WERE FROM EGG! So the don't look Popteen-style-ish....yet! A lot of Popteen model actually came from Egg Magazine! Like Pikarin~!<3 And they all looked different than they do now (I'll show you some time soon). They looked like Ame-kaji Egg style, but through out time they began to look more hime-kaji Popteen style ^^ So it will be nice to see them transform (transform? hehe guess so!)  
Okay first is..... Zaira Miyajima!
With Kumicky! ^^
With Mizukitty <3
With Pikarin! :D
Wow! Nice hair ^^
She looks just like Yukinoko here~! :O
Nanji desuka(what time is it)? Purikura time! :D
*on left*

(On left)
And now we have ze model Minyatochi! (Minato Kobori)

(On left)

*On left*

I love that dress! ^^ <3

This next model is Yumity~!<3
(I couldn't find any pictures of her online, so I just got some off of here blog.
She looks sooooo different in the magazines!)
 Perv -.- Just kidding ^^

 I had more pictures of each model, but blogger is being weird (stupid) and it won't upload alot of pictures. It has also been crashing alot :(

And now for the part where it says "new hair?!" in the title~!
Now I'm not sure about this, but I think Mizukitty died her hair black! (*>O<*)
(For those who don't know who that is just go to the Popteen section of my blog :)
I found this picture on tumblr

Okay next three picutres, look at the lady with short hair~!

Who is she!??!?!?!? D:

But yea! Did Mizu-sama (that's right, I added sama :D ) die her hair?!

Also Pikarin's hair is red! :O

 Also before I go,  I am also really sorry for not blogging sooner! This post was actually suppose to be put up 6 days ago. But Blogger wasn't working and I couldn't post it till today :( But I promise I will be blogging more often :) Thank you so so much for reading~! Please plesae please follow~! Email (questions, comments, suggestions, want to chat, want to be friends)? Twitter (tweet me that you are a reader of my blog an I will follow back)? @himeyukichan Tumblr?  Have a wonderful day, I love all of my readers<3 Bai bai~

Warette Iko~!<3

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