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Popteen vids! Music Vids! New Issue!

Isn't this picture of Kumicky so wonderful? I could just die! >.<
Moving on.....
Mina-san konichiwa! Yupon desu!!! My internet went out for....?......A LONG TIME!! I AM SOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!! Just as I was about to start blogging regulary again too! D: *sigh* Oh well. You know today I was kind of depressed, but as soon as I started blogging I got happy again!But today I just wanted to share some thing with you all ^^ (Mostly vidoes) And sorry SOOOOOO many things are SOOOOOO late on sharing, but please keep in mind I haven't had internet. Also when I did blogger was being weird, and I couldn't blog. :( But here we go~!<3
First... the new Issue of Popteen!
Isn't it so AMAZING?!?!?! Kumicky-sama (that's right, I said sama ^^) is on the cover with the one, the only, KANA NISHINO! Sugoi ne? :D I love Kana Nishino soooo much! I always get her (name) confused becasue of former Popteen/Popsister model Kanan Hoshino. :) tehe But yea! For anyone who doesn't know who Kana Nishino is, Kana is an AMAZING singer!
In fact... here are some of her songs! ^^
(both vids are of the same song)
This is probably my favorite song by Kana Nishino. It's called "Best Friend", and I LOVE it! Enjoy~
Another wonderful song >.< Called "Watashitachi". <3
I also LOVE this song! It may even be tied for favorite! :D It's called "Brave Heart", and it features NERDHEAD who I'm pretty sure is a famous Japanese rapper.
I actually just heard this for the first time as I was putting it on this blog. :) And I really like it! <3
This is called "You are the one" and it made me want to cry! >,_<
She has so many more songs and I was going to put like 100 more, but then as I was getting the videos youtube kind of....(temporarily) crashed, so maybe thats a sign I should just keep it at six. ^J^
What I really like about Kana Nishino is that she has the hime gyaru style which is awesome! I got so excited when I saw her on the cover of Popteen magazine with Kumiko Funayama. By the way, if you don't know who Kumiko Funayama is, you can go to the "Popteen" section of my blog at the top. :)
Next I want to show you a few new music videos~!
First one is by T-ara, and this is a Kpop (Korean pop) song. Before I show it, I will put the video that came out before it. The song the will come after is called "Sexy Love" which is a sequel to "Day by Day" (the first song). I HIGHLY recomend watching Day by day first or you may be confused.
The next songs will all be Jpop (Japanese pop)~!<3

This song is called "Never Gonna Stop", by one of my favorite Jpop groups Buono! Buono was actually the first Jpop band I ever listened to! And the song I listened to was "Kokoro no tamago" in 6th grade. ^^ The members are Airi Suzuki (long black hair), Momoko Tsugunaga (short black hair), and Miyabi Natsuyaki.

Next two songs are by the Jpop band Berryz Koubou~!<3 The first one is called "Loving You Too Much", and the second song is called "Cha cha sing". You may notice that Miyabi and Momoko from Buono are also in this band!

 If you listen towards the beggining Miyabi says "baka janai" (I'm not an Idiot), and I love how she says it! XD

Next song is by S/mileage~!<3 Now I will admit that before I didn't like this group too much. But after actually taking time to listen to their songs I beagan to love them! And this song!
It's called "suki yo junjou hankouki" !

This next song is by the Jpop band C-ute! I haven't listened to it until now and I still haven't watched the music video, but form just listening to it....I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG!

In order from when they appear (not including when they are in a group together, just when they are alone in there close-ups) the members are Airi (from Buono :O), Mai, Maimi, Chisato, and Saki~!<3 And in order from who sings first (just to make sure hehe) Airi, Maimi, Chisato, Saki, then Mai. ^^

And last song is called "One two three" by Morning Musume~!<3
I don't know the members by name but my favorite members are Reina (in the light blue, and gyaru looking) and Sayumi (one in light pink).

I like watching the dance version more, so I'll but that up too ^^

And lastly, I haven't been able to watch the last FIVE Popteen vidoes on youtube because I've had no enternet! Dx *dies* So I thought before viewing them I would put them on my blog. :) Plus the two before that. For a total of *drumroll please*..... SEVEN POPTEEN TV VIDEOS!!!!! *imaginary croud goes wild* Thank you, thankyou~!

Here they are~!<3



I would comment on each video, but I haven't watched them >.< But I know they are great! Because well, it's Popteen! It has to be great! :D

Yup! That's all for today~! Like I said my enternet stopped working so now I should be blogging more often. Again SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY! >.< But thank you SO SO SO SO much for reading, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow and tell others to! Spreading the gyaru/japanese/korean/asian/jpop/kpop/whatever else love! <3 Bai Bai~!<3

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Warette Iko~!<3


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