Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mina-san konichiwa! Yupon desu!<3 (is Yupon weird? I think I may just say Yuki desu from now on >.< IDK) What a mean liar I am :( I said I would blog last Monday and I never did. School work was taking up all my time. :/ But anyway, that whole Gangnam Style/Hyuna post I was going to do will have to wait (complicated reasons). But guess what? O.o Today I went to a Japanese Culture Festival!! XD Yaaaaaay!!<3 ^^ It was so much fun~! They had the cutest little booth with Sanrio and Domo things! I got a couple Hello Kitty things including this....
Kawaii ne? It's a Momiji x Hello Kitty collaberation! I will have to do a Momiji doll post soon :) I would have taken pictures, but I didn't have a camera >.< I only got one pic on my mom's phone of me and a cosplayer! They had this cosplay contest and it was so AWESOME! When I went to go take a picture with her (the cosplayer)  I felt like I was standing next to a celebrity!! >.< She was so pretty and she looked just like Yoko~! Who was the anime girl she was cosplaying.
That's Yoko and Yoko cosplayers ^^
I also registereed to go to this Otakon-type convention! It's on March 30, 2013 and I am so excited! I have never been to any type of anime thing before! (Which is child abuse to a child Otaku like myslef). I wonder if I would be able to cosplay.....
Maybe I can get a cosplay costume for my birthday or something. :)
I also got in contact with this Japanese exchange student program which is great! And I got my name written in Kanji by teens from Japan, I also got a paraseoul (I'm not sure how to spell that), a Japanese fan, took a little oragami class, saw Japanese perfomences, ate Japanese food and more! I felt like I was in Japan because there were SOOOO many people speaking Japanese and stuff. ^^
And for the FIRST TIME EVER.....
 I HAD MOCHI!!!!!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOO delicious!! It was green tea flavour ^^
But moving on....

I got a new twitter account! But I still use my old one too~
This other one is to express my love for Popteen models (and graduated Popteen/Popsister models).
First account: @himeyukichan
Second account: @popteenfangal

I'm also using tumblr more often~!
Only account:

And lastly email:

  Now I would like to share some vidoes~!<3

1. Gangnam Style - PSY

2. Gangnam Style - Hyuna
(Please note that her voice is high pitched because she is makinf fun
of the rich, snooty girls of Gangnam)

3. Sexy Love - T-ara
T-ara's most recent song

4. Fashion Monster - Kyary PamyuPamyu
Kyary's most recent song

5. Mizukitty, Kumicky, and Pikarin dacing to Lovey Dovey (Japanese ver.)
by T-ara!
( I have to put the link because its not working >.<)

They did surprisingly good for girls who don't really dance ^^

6. T-ara Lovey Dovey (Japanese ver.) - T-ara

And lastly....

7. Lovey Dovey (Korean) - T-ara

That's about it! The next post will probably be a "Recent Obsession" thing where I talk about my recent obsession with Tsubasa Mauwaka, and a little bit on Momiji dolls. (^^) In the meantime, thank you so so so so much for reading, please please please follow<3 I love ALL my followers! :) Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Email me or comment below XD
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Ja ne~!<3
Warette Iko~!<3
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  1. Oh you're sucha lucky to take
    part in Japanese Culture Festival~
    And this cosplayers are pretty cute,
    would love to look like them (^o^)
    Mayabe I'll try eat mochi again in
    the future, but for now I'm too
    disgusted (T^T)"

  2. Thank you~!<3 It was really small, but at least they had one right? ^^
    I would love to look like them too! I've never cosplayed before, but I want to try it :D
    Disgusted? Why? Is it because of the texture? That caught me off guard when I first bit into it >.< I don't like the texture, but it tasted good ^^
    Thank you for commenting <3