Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mina-san, konichiwa! Yupon desu<3 ^^ I just wanted to let you all know that blogspot is being really stupid (sorry blogspot) right now. I won't be able to do the post I wanted to do today until monday (because I'll be on a different computer where blogspot actually works). The next post will be called "Gangnam Style + Hyuna~!<3" If you don't know what Gangnam Style is, please wait till Monday when I share it to my readers! Speaking of readers, I have reached 30 followers!!! Yaaaaaay! :D Haha wow that probably sempt lame to the people who have hundreds, even thousands of followers! But it's a BUNCH to me. ^^ I am really greatful to each and every follower and reader :) Because I know quite a few people who read, but don't follow, so..... I LOVE GUYS TOO! :D But yup! Thank you so so so so so so much. <3 Also because of school I will only be posting on weekends! I am SOOOOOOO sorry, but until I have more free time after school, this is how it'll have to be for a while.
Before I go, I want to share these couple of Pictures of Okarie :)
That's pretty much all I have to say for now <3
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Thank you so so much for reading~!<3 Bai Bai :)
Warete Iko~!<3


  1. Yaay, Okaeri! She is my biggest inspiration! <3 thank you for the post.

  2. Okarie is such a cutie...♥
    And I have issues with blogspot too...
    To add a note I must work on three blog sites....
    It's gettin' on my nerves T^T"

    PS. Love the blog♥ Follow ♥

    1. Yea I really love Okarie ^^
      ah I'm sorry >.< Blogspot can be annoying sometimes hah a
      Three?! Wow!

      And thank you so much :D <3