Tsubasa Masuwaka

Tsubasa Masuwka is my #1 role model! I lover her so much! She is kawaii(cute in Japanese), pretty, and kind hearted! As a singer her music is cute, fun, and inspiring. I wish that someday I can be like her~<3 If it were not for Tsubasa, I would have never wanted to become a hime gyaru model/gal~!
This is Tsubasa~!<3 Kawaii desu yo nee? (Cute isn't she)
She has partaken in a modeling career in Popsister magazine! :)
Tsu-chan (her nickname) is now a singer, and her stage name is Milky Bunny (>.<)
Even though Tsubasa no longer with Popsister, she still continues to model (go Tsu-chan!)
She has two makeup lines~! One of them is called Dolly Wink ;) This line contains products such as false eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and other eye products.
Her other makeup line is called Candy Doll :D Candy Doll has products such as lipgloss, foundation, blush, and more!
Tsu-chan also models for S leg and....
cirlcle lenses! 8D
Here we have the wonderful Tsubasa and her husband Umeda Naoki~<3

Tsubasa is a sweet, kind hearted, nice, wonderful person~! Who couldn't love her? (>.<)



  1. One of my idols she's soooooo cuuuteeee ^^

    1. Ikr? I wish I was Tsubasa (>.<) haha

  2. I rebloged this! Thank you for the nice informations.
    I want to be like Tsubasa too :)