Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My fave hime gyaru and ulzzang tutorials~! (+Okarie pics)

(Something about purikura makes your eyes look bigger!)

Konnichiwa gyaru-tans~!<3 So in my hime gyaru vs. ulzzang post, I got a request to share some tutorials on each. And today thats what I want to do. :) And on a side note, when I put "hime gyaru (the better one)", I didn't really mean it was the better style. I think both are great, I just prefer to go by hime gyaru rather than Ulzzang. I only did that because me and my friend were having a competition on which one would win, and when I went to hers, she said "Ulzzang (the better one)" so I did the same. Anyway her discontinued blog is here, and my "Hime gyaru vs. Ulzzang" post is here!

So first I would like to strart out with hime gyaru. The tutorials will start out with extreme hime gyaru (such as Ageha style) , and work down to a more casual hime gyaru (such as Popteen style).
Both are beautiful~

First up we have makeup and hair tutorials from a wonderfull gal named Sui~<3
Her blog here~!
Her youtube here~!
And my blog post about her here~!
Twitter: @suiprincess
(she is from Germany)

This is an Ageha inspired eye-makeup tutorial~

This is a hair tutorial~

And one more hair tutorial by Sui~

And now for the more simple hime style.
These next couple of videos are from a lovely(and super cute) blogger named Kiyomi Lim!
Her blog here~!
Her youtube here~!
Twitter: @kiyomilim
(she is from Singapore)
So here is a makeup tutorial :D

And this one is probably one of my fave tutorial's by Kiyomi~! I can't wait to try it :)

And last blogger (but certaintly not least) Dakotakoti~
These are super simple, super easy, super cute!
Youtube is here~!
Blog is here~!
This is a cute pigtails tutorial that doesn't involve teasing. I am not sure why, but teasing is "bad" for your hair. If you know why, please comment below, if you don't I will just have to google it :D

 Okay I am so so sorry! I couldn't post this video, but I will give you the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4atjwHmnY0&list=UUQFvuGmxBmv-c_irVda7mwg&index=3&feature=plcp I really like this one because if you are in middle school, high school, want something simple or just don't want to spend forever on your hair, this is GREAT! Because being young, andwanting to be gyaru is a bit tough because you can't wear that much make up, and have big bufount(?) hair! But yea~ Check it out :D

And this has nothing to do with the topic today, but Dakotakoti was on Japanese news!!! (*>O<*)

And one more thing, she has super cute outfits, so I recomend going to her channel and checking them out :D Same with Sui!
Next 2 tutorials will be simple makeup and hair tutorials of people who I don't know the blogs of if they have any~<3

For this hair tutorial I couldn'tupload it, so here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgSjKklP3W4 Gomen nasai (sorry) :(

The tutorials we have seen have been mostly only eye makeup, but this is FULL FACE gyaru tutorial! Tsubasa Masuwaka inspired~!<3

Alright, enough with gyaru! Haha
Now onto Ulzzang~
(Which I am sorry will have less videos)

As you can see the eyes are less extreme.

This is Alexia Kyung, she is actually from Mexico! I admire her as a Ulzzang :)
I am very sorry to those who don't know spanish, because in this video she speaks
Spanish, but I am sure you will be able to follow anyway just by watching :D

This here is a cute tutorial, good for younger ulzzang! Back to school and stuff (>.<)

As for hair goes, you can have it straight, I've seen lots of ulzzang people with layered bangs, you can have short hair (almost boy like), or girly short hair, or loose simple curls :) Now I am definetly NOT a ulzzang expert, so if you are interested in the style you can go to wiki or google, and search stuff. :D And by the way Ulzzang means "perfect face", and is a Korean style. ;)

So hopefully that helped~ :D Please comment what you think, wich you like more, or anything else.

* quick weight lost update- In roswell I stopped working out, stopped eating healthy, and yea! I gained it all back!!!!! Dx I got back to 95 pounds!  I think thats like 48kg! But luckily I'm down to 90 punds (45kg?)

AND NOW.....


Okay no. Haha I wish!! But I would like to show a bunch of pics of Okarie! Dedicated to one of my readers/friends Lavulin!! Her blog here~!<3
*Warning, the following content you are about to see is EXTREMELY pic heavy!*

Now most of those (if not all) were from Ank Rougue~!<3
(designed by Okarie herself~)

So yup~!<3 That's it for today! PLEASE  PLEASE PLEASE comment, follow, tell friends to follow, follow twitter (@himeyukichan), follow tumblr (himeyukichan.tumblr.com), and stay kawaii and gyaru~!<3 Questions? Comments that you want only me to see? Wanna talk? Wanna be friends? Have any posts you would like to see? Email me~!<3 himeyukichan@hotmail.com! Thankyou so much for reading~!<3 Love all my readers and followers!



  1. Hello! ^^ Thank you for the post! You are sweet.
    Well I teasing it's bad for hair because everything now it's bad for hair if you don't let it how it is natural. ( if you understand my point :P )
    I like Ulzzang but also Hime Gyaru. I prefer sweet style. Thank you for the videos!
    I love the pictures. Okarie is so beautiful! Also I have seen a picture with my favorite models \(^o^)/ Okarie and Natsumi Saito.
    Thank you for the post.
    Wishing you the best, Lavulin

    P.S.: 90 pounds =41 kg

    1. No problem~! :D
      I understand your point :) Thank you~
      And sweet style as in like kawaii??
      Glad you love the pictures of Okarie :D

      And (in reply to the P.S.) oooooh oops (>.<) I've never been tought metric units like kg, and grams, and cm, and stuff :/

  2. hye yuki XD i love love love hime and ullzang, but as i am, i prefer to be a kawaii because i think it is a combination of ulzzang and hime, for me hime's eye makeup is way to heavy (am i the only one) any way i suck! at wearing false lashes but the other side i love hime's hairstyles is so adorable
    for ulzzang i don't like the hair so much because may be (for me) its to plain, haha
    when i found you blog i wanna said that 'finalyyy i founded a blog like this nyahahaha' 0_0v

    1. Hello~! I'm sure there are tons of people who think gyaru eye makeup is too much haha ^^ But I agree on Ulzzang hair being too plain :) Thankyou sooooo much for sharing your opinion and following! :D It means alot >.< I'm happy to have a blog that you like :D <3