Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good news.....I'm back! :D With Popteen tv, recent obsession, and vidoes!!

Hey guys! Good news...I'm back!! Yay!! If you all were wondering how my time was in Roswell, it was great! So first off I want to let you all know about Popteen Tv~!<3 Popteen Tv is a youtube channel deddicated to videos of the Popteen models. :D And yes it is official ;) What's really awesome about it, is that you can see the photoshoot of the magazine covers, you can see the Poptene models when they aren't modeling, and other stuff!

So this video is the photo shoot where Pikarin models for the July 2012 issue~!<3

And here is the August 2012 issue!

And then this one is just really funny :)

For more videos go here (>.<)

Okay and now for my recent obsessions! First, I'd like to share my recent music obsessions :) More recently I've been OBSESSED with Kpop! More specificly 3 songs. One is by 2NE1, and the other two are by T-ara (which I will blog about them in late posts).

First I wanted to share the most recent song by 2ne1 called "I love you".

0:13- Minzy
0:20- CL
0:45 Park Bom
0:50- Dara(Sandara)

Next is Lovey Dovey by T-ara
 The video is long, so if you want the trimmed version go here!
(Sorry I am still learning the members)

And lastly, but CERTAINLY not least we have....

I Go Crazy Beacuse of You!! Again by T-ara :)

(This kind of reminds me of Brittney Spears for some reason....hehe)

And if you have time I HIGHLY recomend you check out T-ara's comeback song "Day by Day"! I really like the song, but the video is one of the most AMAZING videos ever! It's like a little movie :D (It's 16 minutes long! :O)

Girl with black hair- Hyomin
Girl with black hair- Dani (this is her first video with T-ara! She is their newest member. She is only 14 years old!! :O)
And girl with blonde hair- Jiyeon

And on the topic of T-ara, Popteen TV's newest video has Pikarin, Mizukitty, and Kumicky dancing to Lovey Dovey (Japanese version)~!<3

Here is part 1 with Mizukitty and Pikarin~!<3 :D

And part 2 with a three! :D

Okay, and now for the last topic~!<3
Recently of course I've been really into Popteen like I have been for almost 2 years now. But as if a few days ago, I've especially OBSESSED with Kumicky! But what really makes me mad, is WHAT'S WITH ALL THE HATE ON KUMICKY?!?!? People who don't like her say that she has ugly teeth (which I HIGHLY disagree with), don't like that she got plastic surgery (it's her body, what she does with it is NONE of your buisness), and she is over exposed (not her fault!). So as you guys may know Tsubasa was the most popular model of Popsister. She showed up more than anyone else in the magazine. When she left kind of crashed and burned. Now Popsister is discontiued :( And people are saying that Kumicky is in Popteen even more than Tsubasa was in Popsister. Which is true, but is that really a reason to HATE someone? Because people LOVE Tsubasa Masuwka (especially me hehe), and she was over-exposed, and got plastic surgery! And everyone is always all "Oh I don't care"! Why can't they say that with Kumicky? So yea~ Sorry for ranting and being more mad than usual...But really can't we all just get along? There is so much hate in this world! It's so sad :(

But anyway.... here are some wonderful pictures (and gifs) of Kumicky~!<3

March 2009 issue! She doesn't age!! Not fair (>.<)
 Lovely Sparkly Gifs :)

 So Harajuku~!<3

Donut!!! :O I love donuts :D <3


 Smexy! haha Sekushi~

Ice Cream!!! I love  ice cream too....haha
but then again... who doesn't? (>.<)

With Tsubasa?!? Sugoi!! (*>O<*)

That's it for today! Thank you so much for reading! Please follow, tell friends to follow, and email me himeyukichan@hotmail! (That's right! new email! you can email me on my gmail, but it's broken, so I would just reply on my hotmail :) ) Also *IMPORTANT NOTE I know I told you all to join Snapeee, but my phone got shut of! DX so I cannot go on snapeee, or Instagram anymore :( But I am still using twitter and tumblr! :D
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Also one more thing, to the reader who wanted me to show gyaru and ulzzang tutorials, those will proabably be in the next post :)

Topics coming up in posts:

-Gyaru secrets
-Gyaru vs. Ulzzang : My fave tutorials for each
- Squishy's
-Gyaru 101 and it's first topic!
-School supplies! How to Kawaii and gyaru up your things!


  1. Well My favorite model from Popteen it's Okarie and I'm really pissed of that there are only 2-3 pages with her in the magazine but I don't hate the other model for this. :) I like Kumicky. I don't know people hate her so much. She has such a beautiful smile. And I don't really care that she had surgeries. It's a model. They are paid to be beautiful. The only think that I don't like it's because she is everywhere. It will be nice to let the other models too. ( like Okarie lol ) but this is it.
    Personally I don't like Popteen so much. :( I was so disapointed by the magazine. I know that the models are very beautiful and they show really beautiful clothes ( wich I love) but we need to remember that this is a magazine, not a clothing catalogue. I have 6 magazines and I didn't saw any article beside some photos with girls that are doing exercises. I got really disapointed!
    This is why this autumn I ended my subscription at Popteen. :( I think it's a pretty magazine but since it's just a clothing catalogue, I decided to give a break for a year and try another magazine ( Cutie). Maybe next year I will subscribe again to Popteen.
    So this is my opinion. I'm sorry if this made you sad because I know that you love Popteen.

    1. Yea Okarie is my tied second favorite model from Popteen. :) I kind of look at Popteen as like a Vogue-type of magazine (in the sense that it shows alot of clothes...but not really anything else). I absolutely LOVE fashion, so the fact that it is more like a clothing catalogue doesn't bother me TOO much. But I am going to try reading other magazines such as Ranzuki, Egg, and Ageha (but still read Popteen). And everyone is intitled to their opinion, and I thank you for sharing yours :D It's totally fine~!<3 :D What do you personally recomend for magazines with more articles on the models?? :)

    2. I would recomand you Egg and Ranzuki. Ranzuki it's my favorite magazine! For me, it's just PERFECT! *.* And it's younger audience. Popteen and Egg have models between 18-23 but Ranzuki have between 15-19. So it's perfect for my age. :D But yeah, as you may know they are not into that Liz Lisa, feminine look ( Ranzuki and Egg). More like sexy, cute colorfoul look, Amekaji. But in Ranzuki are some page that show them in the new Cocolulu clothes XD like how was in Popteen wih Liz Lisa.
      And Ageha have some articles too. :)
      Well I don't know so many Gal magazines. Now I ordered Cutie and it has the same fashion like Popteen ( cute, feminine style). Also it has taller models. When I searching about the models and I found, I was like:
      " ******* OMG, Exist in Japan, girls so tall!? " XD
      But I think will be more fashion than articles like Popteen.

      I don't know but I'm interesed in articles too. I think it's nice to hear fashion, beauty and diet tips. Also models stories, how they got in magazine, etc.

  2. OKay~! that thats fine that they don't have much liz lisa :) I like the Amekaji style too :D But I don't know kanji, and I also don't know THAT much japanese. So I wouldn't be aable to understand the articles :/