Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Arigatou, update, scans, and more~! *pic heavy*

Mina-san Konichiwa~!<3 Yu-pyon desu! ^^ First of all I would like to say thank you so much!! Why? I've reached 2,000 followers! Yatta (yay I did it)! :D I know to some bloggers who have like 300, 800, or like over a thousand thats basically nothing. But to me that's alot and it means so much! Arigatou gozaimasu~ Also.....I updated the about me page! Go here to check it out. :) If you have questions or things you want me to add just comment below, or email me himeyukichan@hotmail.com :D Guess what? Shibuya 109 and Ank Rougue followed me on twitter! Yay!!!!! :D What an honor hehe ^^ But yea if you want to follow them just type in "Shibuya 109" and "Ank Rougue". Pretty sinple, haha (>.<) And if you want to follow me.... my username is @himeyukichan! Also (probably later today) I will be uploading a new page! This one will be called "Spotlight"~! The spolight page will feauture pictures of 1 gyaru model! This will be updated (hopefully) everyday! (Sometimes maybe I might skip a day). But yea, this page will feauture models from Popteen, Popsister, Graduated models, Ageha (mostly Himena), this other hime gyaru model, and the Occasional Ranzuki models! I might also post the covers of new issues of gyaru magazines, and have a spolight with two models togther. A normal post will have 1-4 pictures :)

Moving on today I want to celebrate it being August with some scans of the August 2012 issue of Popteen! And then.... I will show you scans of the August 2012 Ranzuki issue in the next post! (Sorry I am late on this post, gomen ne)

Just in case you guys aren't interested in this post I will do my little closure now :D
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Thank you so much for reading and following! It means alot. :)
Love all my readers/followers, thank you so much! Can't wait to blog about the first day of school~!<3 I'm going to be the new kid (>.<)
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Wanna see the september issue?

Video of the photo shoot for this issue:

I love the cover of this month's issue~<3

This advertisement is in every Popteen (>.<)

Could this be the September cover? I hope not,
just because they are in bikinis,
and that would be weird in the fall~

Pretty Yukatas :D

And of course Ank Rougue clothing modeled
by the never less Okarie^^

So cute~!<3

First time I've heard of LL Gal's! Is that bad? I want to be a LL Gal (>.<)
Or a Popteen model...
Or a gyaru model...
Or any model...

Until the day I get to go to Shibuya >_<

Looks fun~

Three scoops?!?! (*>O<*)

I think I might buy some of these mustache rings and neckalcaes~!<3
They are here, and Pikarin wore one on the cover of the July issue~

Eh?! Number 8! Who is that?! Minyatotsuchi? Seems like a long name~
Could this be a new Popmodel?

Wanna see the photo shoot of Maimai as guy?

Which/who's nails do you like most? ^^

ATTENTION: If anyone could translate any of these diet scans, or just a couple of tips that you can see, it would mean a lot~! I'm trying to loose weight, but what I've been doing hasn't exactly been working out. I would read it myself, but I don't know kanji =.=

Wish I had the life of them ^J^
I'd love it soooo much to be a Popteen model!
How many times have I said that?
Sorry for ranting, hehe

To see the 4-part video of the Pikarin, Mizukitty, and
Kumicky doing this dance (and other stuff) go here~!<3 (part
two, three, and four will apear in the videos after the first one ends)
And it was to T-ara's Love Dovey!! >.< One of my fave songs!!<3

Same here if anyone could translate that would be great!


Look towards the right, are they in a privet theater?

Pikarin & Yukinoko's family went to see Pixar's Brave?! Okay Before I wasn't going to see, but now I think I might just have to. Haha

Looks like yougurt, but is facewash?

Otaku Pikarin cosplaying!! Is that from Tokyo Mew Mew? If so it's funny because it's so different from Vocaloid, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica~

Wow (*>O<*)

Um... looks fun! haha :D


This was on the last page of Ranzuki too~!<3

What a great way to and with an advertisement on the back cover!
Kara modeling for Palty! (and it has Tsubasa on the box)


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