Friday, August 3, 2012

Ranzuki August 2012 scans! +something else!

Mina-san, konichiwa! Yuki-desu! <3 ^^ Today I am going to share with you *drumroll* Ranzuki scans!! Yay :D But you probably new that from the title >.< hehe Yup that's pretty much it :) Except one thing....

Mite kudasai~!<3
The wonderful September issue of Popteen modeled by Mizukitty!

And this video to go along with it ^^

I can't help but to smile and be happy when Mizukitty smiles :D

Okay now on to the scans~

If you would like me to translate these smoothies I can :) haha the fruits are easy ^^
Just comment or email me or...tweet me?

Okay so usually I get REALLY mad when people say that japanese models are too skinny. But the girl on the right who lost 31.8kg doesn't look healthy! Or maybe she does...but her arms don't.

Hey this was the last page in the August 2012 issue of Popteen too! >O<

That's it for today~! The next post will be an "actual" post like usual :) Not a magazine scan thing, Perhaps a weekly jpop/kpop song of the week? Are they really even weekly? I'm pretty sure they aren't haha :D But yep! Please please please follow, and tell friends too^^ Thank you so so much to all of my followers and readers~!<3

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Warette iko~!<3

(That's what I am saying instead of "peace" now :) It means "Keep smiling" ! :D Cheesy right?^^)


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